Of all the products or services that a brand places on the market, only 10% of these will be successful. This has been demonstrated. It is an apparently tough situation but is already accepted as normal and understood as the logical cost of doing business.

At Emotion Experience we play our part in the launch of new products to affect this margin of success, with omni-channel campaigns and strategies that integrate all existing channels in the market so that they are interrelated, in order that a person who initiates communication with the brand using one means of interaction can continue it through another, etc. Our goal is to help the brand to be understood and communicated to the right target at the right time and with the necessary resources and specifically tailored to each case. The aim: quality experiences associated with the brand. And because it is essential to get a direct connection between the audience with the brand.

At Emotion Experience we apply Sensory Marketing techniques to respond to the questions that arise in any communication strategy.

  • How can confidence be conveyed? – However much we explain on the packaging, in advertising or promotions, people have to believe both the message they receive and the product itself, since it costs them money. To do this, one must understand what generates credibility and confidence in the public and know whether the target of the brand would be willing to trust this new product.
  • How can we give visibility to the product? – A product can objectively be the best or the most innovative, but it’s no use if it fails to reach the consumer, if the consumer does not see it. Therefore, it is necessary to determine its visibility, its audience and the best way to make it visible.

 65% of consumers think that, in general, the communication strategies of brands are bad or very bad.

Some examples of brands that have placed their trust in Emotion Experience to improve their communication strategies.

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