Everyone, by simply entering an establishment, will have an experience with the brand. Given the choice, we make this experience not only good, but memorable.

At Emotion Experience we apply sensory marketing techniques to make the stay of customers in these outlets an experience to remember and share. Playing with colours, fragrance, sound, with the layout of the space…

Why is the experience of the consumer in the brand’s physical environment so essential?

This experience at every point of contact that a buyer has with a product, brand or service makes up “moments of truth”. Very often this experience is inconsequential, bad, or just not right. Memorable Customer Experiences are noteworthy, that is, the customer will tell friends about them or share them in the social networks.

  • 49% of people prefer physical stores so that they can see, try and buy.
  • 92% of consumers who have had a negative experience with the brand will mention it.

Fragrance marketing, Music marketing or Video marketing are the main techniques that we apply in this channel, relying on the potential usually offered us by the space that we have to work with, achieving unique environments that can be directly identified with the brand, so that the target public can quickly feel identified with the brand.

 85% of people would be willing to pay up to 25% more for a better shopping experience.

Some examples of the brands that have placed their trust in Emotion Experience to enhance their customers’ shopping experience.

 Sensory Marketing by Emotion Experience

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