Emotions in motion


This is one of the most-used communication channels. Today, its use is only differentiating if combined with immediacy and interaction of different messages simultaneously.

The ability to generate excitement with what we show via an image is crucial to being effective and clear in one’s message.

Through audiovisual media of any type or format, our clients have the possibility of displaying their audience all the information they consider relevant. Brand information, images for promotional campaigns, corporate videos or technical product information can coexist in the same habitat or medium with multiple scheduling as each case requires.

How do we do it?

The Emotion Experience team is multidisciplinary, with qualified experts in each of the video-making processes; from concept to production, screenplay, voice-over in any language, filming, editing and, of course, as well in the supply and installation of all types of screens: video walls, circular, projected, etc.

Audiovisual productions installed worldwide, with remote monitoring and technical and logistical support anywhere and any time.

At Emotion Experience we strongly believe in the need to project sensations, which go beyond promoting a product.

Fortunately, manufacturers and retailers have started to become more interested in the Sell Out than the Sell In. Brands have ceased to be “channel product placers”, and become channel partners. And the retail channel is no longer “buyer of products that will sell themselves”, but has become shopping experiences manager. Consumers, people, are increasingly demanding, and transparency will force companies to stop “thinking about” and start “being for”… their audience.

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